Key to Manage Conflict in Writing Dissertation

Conflict in Writing Dissertation
Managing conflicts while writing dissertation, is very difficult. But students can resolve it by taking help or researching more on idea. Conflict might arise when the topic is to choose. The conflict between supervisor and student can arise while selection of topics provided by dissertation writing services. Student might prefer to work on the topic that supervisor does not want them to work on and student does not feel comfortable to work on that topic as provided by the supervisor. The selection of topic is very difficult and important task that has to accomplish.

In addition, the conflict might arise after the topic has selected. This conflict arises when the student has not done sufficient research while selecting topic. The conflict arise can be due to homogeneity of selected topic and any other topic. The homogeneity can also be on the selection variables. The student might work on the variables that had studied previously many times. This homogeneity sometime arises when the student works for further research regarding topic and came to know about the issues occurred of homogeneity of topic. This student came to know about this issue when he/she came to the analysis part of dissertation. Therefore the student should research broadly by giving sufficient time to read journal articles and research papers properly in order to avoid the matching variables and research study purpose and concept.

Sometimes the dissertation of students is rejected at the ending part of the thesis due to which all the efforts made by the students for research work and analysis failed. To avoid this there is need for proper research, consultation of supervisor and other researchers. Moreover the conflict also arises when data is collected. The data collection phase requires a lot of time to complete main idea of dissertation because to get the primary data students have to conduct interview or survey through questionnaires. The executive or respondent does not want to fill questionnaires, students have to search for the respondents who are willing to fill questionnaire at request, and this all process requires time. But in order to get rid of questionnaires, respondent does not respond properly or accurately. They do not respond positively as they do not read the questionnaire properly and fill the questionnaire with wrong data.

This wrong implication of data results in negative results. When data is analyzed by implementation of tests and models on these responses of questionnaire and data provided by the executives, the result of research does not occur as being expected. This negative result of data ruins all the research analysis and time. The supervisor or panel rejects the thesis on this type of issue. Therefore to avoid any of these issues at the final time of completion of dissertation after looking out free essays, students should ensure respondent that they have enough time to complete the research and request them to respond accurately. Moreover, students should conduct survey with the help of reference because it will be then easy for them to get the correct data.

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