Using references for an essay writing is the best strategy for impressing the examiner. It shows that the students has conducted some research on the assigned topic. It also shows what other people’s perspective is about the topic. For this purpose students have to collect data from different sources. Collecting data involves a lot of reading. Students usually find it difficult to collect the authentic data. In that situation students usually go for stale information. This strategy will lead to failure in achieving good grades. To overcome the fear of students to conduct excessive reading we have some useful and smarter tips that will help the students to collect data from authentic sources. These are stated below: 

1. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is not a valid source for citation. However it is a better choice for the understanding of the topic. When you search a topic in Wikipedia it shows the complete relevant details of any topic. It helps in understanding all the important areas that should be mentioned in your topic.

For example the topic is “global warming”, Wikipedia will show us a number of headings such as “temperature changes”, “causes of temperature changes”, “models”, “greenhouse effect” etc. It will help the students to draw an outline for their essay. Moreover at the end of the page a number of references are added that will help you to find the relevant references.

2. Library

Library is the best option for finding the most authentic sources for your research. Before visiting library draw an outline. Take the handout to the library. You will find sufficient sources from the library on all the key points in your essay outline. This requires effort however if the student is clear about the thesis statement of his or her essay than it is easier for him or her to find out the most relevant data easily.

3. Secondary Resources

When the data is selected to be used for the essay. Each source will have some more references. Read these references carefully. Filter those that suits you essay topic. Study them and use them in our essay. While selecting secondary sources select only those sources that are used by most of the people. At the end of the every paper it is written that cited by this much people.

4. Best Number of Sources

There is no limit for the number of sources to be cited. However it would be better to cite at least one source per page. However if you want to achieve good grades than try to use maximum number of references you can.

5. List of Sources

In addition to books and journals there are another important sources that can be very helpful. Some of these sources are:

i. Personal Interviews

ii. Newspaper articles

iii. Private journal or diary entries

iv. Letters

v. Edited collections of essays

vi. Scholarly journals

vii. Sound recordings

viii. Film, TV, or video recordings

ix. Google books

x. Magazines

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