Do's and Do Not's of Writing an Academic Essay

Do’s of writing an essay includes making your essay easy to read. It is a good idea if students structure their essay so to make sure that all of the key points are visible and these points must be clear in order to make them understandable. Make sure that the essay does not contain extra words and phrases. It is important to write a thesis statement in the essay. Do in-text citation and also put references at the end of the academic essay.
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Make sure that the academic essay is relevant according to the topic. The essay must talk about the topic you are going to write. Search properly on the topic on the internet. Essay writing is a mandatory academic assignment regardless of study. Some students find it an easy way to write. They practice a lot and practice makes them perfect. Even when the students hit their senior years in their university they may write an essay in minutes.

Every student want to learn from his mistakes, if they know the do’s and don’ts of writing an academic essay it will make them less stressful and more productive. One must use advanced vocabulary in the academic essay to get good grades. Use all the literature in the present tense. Do cite examples in the essay. Always use simple sentence structure and do not use complex sentences. Use those sentences that are easily understandable by the reader. Simple sentences are used to make your sentence structure easy to read and also develop an interest of the reader.

One must use clear points. Do not use the first person like I, we, me, us, my and ours. Most readers want to know that who has written the paper. In some papers, first person are used in order to reflect the papers, studies and ethnographic elements etc. One must avoid using phrases like scholarly phrases. No need to define what you want to do just do it and write it in a conclusion. Do not overwhelm the essay with information and facts. The essay must be meaningful and in detail. Do not use each and every point to make your essay holistic.

The aim should be to narrow down the topic that one is going to analyze for which one must choose relevant information. One should not neglect formatting details. One should pay attention to paper size, spaces, fonts, margins and page numbers.  Also, use narration types for example narrative essays are that ones in which you may tell stories from the first person while in an argumentative essay you write views over the topic which may be for and against the topic.

One must not use too many points like scholarly phrases etc. One must avoid informal languages while writing an essay. Do not copy and paste things directly from the internet, just take an idea and write it in your own words. Proofread your essay and find your own grammatical mistakes without using spell check.

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